The Port of Ogdensburg is the first U.S. port on the St. Lawrence Seaway and is the northern-most port in the State of New York. The Port is amongst the closest American terminals to Northern Europe, thus making it highly economical for ships to import or export to and from Ogdensburg. Both inside and outside storage spaces are available and rail services are provided with a connection to CSX. The Port of Ogdensburg is a U.S. Customs port of entry with full customs services and is a designated Foreign Trade Zone.

Port Facts

  • Popular Commodities Handled at the Port:
    – Road Salt
    – Grain
    – Break-Bulk Project Cargo, such as Wind Turbines
  • Wharf Size:
    – Length: 1,200 ft / 366 m
    – Depth: St. Lawrence Seaway Draft of 27 ft / 8.2 m
  • Outdoor Storage: 15 acres
  • Indoor Storage: Six (6) warehouses totaling 143,800 ft / 13,360 m
  • Services: Fresh Water, Ship Wastewater Disposal Services, Minor Repairs, Fuel, Electricity, Rail
  • Location: Latitude 44° 42′ 29.64″ N
    Longitude 75° 29′ 11.46″ W

Port Contacts

James Chase, Director of Operations
Phone: 315-393-4080 xt. 222
Cell: 315-528-4760

Adam Johnson, Manager, QSL Ogdensburg Marketing and Logistics
Cell: 289-260-2240

Karin Blackburn, Senior Administrative Assistant
Phone: 315-393-4080 xt. 221

A Proud Member of the American Great Lakes Ports Association & Highway H20