The New York & Ogdensburg Railway (NYOG) is a shortline railroad that runs between the Port of Ogdensburg, New York and the CSX junction in Norwood, New York. The railroad is approximately 26 miles in length.

The NYOG is operated by Vermont Rail System in Burlington, Vermont. The railroad carries a variety of bulk and non-bulk cargoes, including plastic pellets, resins, oils, lubricants, fuels, adhesives, chemicals, feed, grain, fertilizers, minerals, etc.

Many of the products that are delivered on the NYOG are trans-loaded to trucks for shipment to plants in southeastern Ontario and western Quebec. Grain and animal feed products come from Florida, New York, Canada and other origins to serve the large agricultural community in northern New York.

Benefits Realized by Seaway Bulk Services (subsidiary of Vermont Rail System) Customers

  1. Improved Service to Your Customers.
    By forward positioning your raw materials at the Seaway Bulk Services terminal in Ogdensburg, you can respond rapidly to your customers’ needs. Fast, dependable deliveries can be made easily and economically. You can be the supplier of choice for your customers by knowing your product is nearby and accessible for quick delivery.
  2. Lower Inventory Cost & Increase Profits.
    Seaway Bulk Services keeps your product on the move and out of storage, offering you greater efficiency in managing your inventory. This helps you reduce or even eliminate on-site storage.
  3. Reduce Capital Expenditures & Risk.
    When you utilize Seaway Bulk Services, you expand your market reach into areas where you might not currently have production or storage facilities. That can open up entirely new possibilities for your company without the capital expense of building your own physical plant and without the financial risks that go with it.

Past NYOG Railroad Project

Vermont Rail Systems and New York & Ogdensburg Railroad took part in a historic, first ever move of 55-meter (180.5-foot) wind turbine blades for Vestas Blades America, Inc. The blades, manufactured in Brighton, Colorado, moved via Union Pacific Railroad from Brighton to East St. Louis, IL for delivery to CSXT, who forwarded it to the NYOG in Norwood, NY. NYOG’s biggest move since inception, the blades were moved from Norwood to Ogdensburg, NY for offloading and staged for eventual truck shipment to the Chateaugay, NY area for installation. The blades were part of wind turbines designed for offshore use but were placed on land at the Marble River Wind Farm. The NYOG SW900 14 moved a cut of blades on the OBPA track on the NYOG Ogdensburg Branch to set them up for unloading. The Ogdensburg Bridge is visible in the distance, as is the Canada Steamship Lines vessel CSL Niagara. Date was May 12, 2012.

NYOG Contacts

James D. Chase, Director of Operations
Phone: 315-393-4080 xt. 222
Cell: 315-528-4760

Karin Blackburn, Senior Administrative Assistant
Phone: 315-393-4080 xt. 221