The Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority will issue truck permits for regular crossings of loads over 90,000 lbs. Those applying for heavier loads will be required provide a copy of their Divisible Load Permit with New York State to Karin Blackburn ( Please allow 48 hours to process Bridge Permit Requests.

Crossings that require an escort will be authorized Monday – Friday, 7:00am – 2:00pm. No escorts will be permitted after hours or on weekends.

Maximum Weight Limits:
5-Axle Vehicle 90,000 lbs.
6-Axle Vehicle 96,000 lbs.
7-Axle Vehicle 105,000 lbs.
8-Axle Vehicle 120,000 lbs.

If your weight exceeds the maximum weight limit, or if your vehicle is over 13′ wide or 14’6 high, please send your NYS Divisible Load Permit to Karin Blackburn ( She will issue you a Bridge Permit to cross our bridge. Both the NYS Divisible Load Permit, and the Bridge Permit will need to be available when crossing the bridge.

IMORTANT: If your weight exceeds 125,000 lbs, you will need additional approval from Modjeski & Masters, Inc., our Bridge Engineers. Please send load information to Phil Ritchie at They will send approval to both the applicant and the OBPA. They can be reached at 717-790-9565, xt. 10477.

Bridge Permit fees:

  • Bridge Permit: $65.00
  • Over Width / Over Height: $140 (will need an escort, provided by us)
  • Overweight – Exceeds 125,000 lbs: $1,000 (will need an escort, provided by us)

For more information, please contact Karin Blackburn. 315-393-4080 xt. 221 or